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Genuine OEM Prince Castle 95-1626S

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Prince Castle 95-1626S


SKU: PC95-1626S
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An "assembly" a is set of manufactured parts or components that work together in unison as one mechanism or device. There are many different kinds of assemblies used in commercial restaurant equipment, including:

  • Gear assemblies
  • Pump assemblies
  • Bearing assemblies
  • Control panel assemblies
  • Heating (exchanger) assemblies
  • Motor control assemblies
  • Sensor assemblies
  • General assemblies


Chutes are common in foodservice equipment. A chute is a vertical or inclined plane, channel, duct or passage through which ingredients move by gravity. An example may be coffee beans stored in the bean hopper of an espresso machine that move under gravity to a grinder via a chute. Chutes are also commonly used with grilling equipment to channel grease away from the cooking surface, and to move ice to remote dispensers under the force of a motorized auger.

Prince Castle was founded in 1955 as an innovator in restaurant operational efficiencies. From refrigeration, holding, steaming and toasting and smallwares solutions, all products are chef-tested, and quality approved.

General Commodity Codes:
HTS Category Code: 8208.30.00
UNSPC Category Code: 48100000
NAICS Code: 333241
Manufacturer Code: PC

Dimensions & Details:
Width: 9.45 in (24.0 cm)
Height: 2.3 in (5.84 cm)
Length: 12.5 in (31.75 cm)
Unit of Measure: Each (EA)