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Genuine OEM Montague 25310-3

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MONTAGUE 25310-3


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A baffle is a device used to dampen the effects of such things as friction, sound, light, or fluid. Specifically, a baffle is a surface which is placed inside an open area to inhibit direct motion from one part to another, without preventing motion altogether.

Fans are used in restaurant equipment for a variety of purposes, including ventilation, cooling, and air circulation. In kitchen equipment, fans are used to ventilate cooking areas, remove smoke and odors, and maintain a consistent temperature. Fans are also used in refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators and freezers, to circulate air and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the appliance.

There are several types of fans that can be used in restaurant equipment, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, and blowers. Axial fans are used to move air in a linear direction, and are commonly used in ventilation systems and cooling equipment. Centrifugal fans are used to move air in a circular direction, and are often used in refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems. Blowers are used to move air at high pressures and are commonly used in ovens and other cooking equipment to provide the force needed to circulate hot air.

Fans are an important component of many types of restaurant equipment, and are used to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment, as well as the quality and safety of the food being prepared.

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A manufacturer of premium quality cooking equipment since 1857, Montague has developed into an international company providing the food service industry around the world with gas ovens, ranges, boilers, counter units, fryers and much more. 

Genuine OEM Montague 25310-3
General Commodity Codes:
HTS Category Code: 8208.30.00
UNSPC Category Code: 48100000
NAICS Code: 333241
Manufacturer Code: MON

Dimensions & Details:
Width: 21.0 in (53.34 cm)
Height: 2.0 in (5.08 cm)
Length: 26.0 in (66.04 cm)
Unit of Measure: Each (EA)