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Norlake 035597


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This is a genuine Norlake 035597

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Defrost timers are used in foodservice equipment, such as refrigerators and freezers, to control the automatic defrosting process. When a refrigerator or freezer operates, moisture from the air inside the unit can collect on the evaporator coils, which can cause them to freeze over time. This can lead to decreased efficiency of the unit, and eventually, the unit may stop working altogether.

To prevent this, defrost timers are used to control the automatic defrosting process. The defrost timer controls the duration and frequency of the defrost cycle, which helps to ensure that the evaporator coils are defrosted regularly and prevent frost buildup.

When the defrost timer is activated, it turns off the compressor and activates the defrost heaters, which melt the frost on the evaporator coils. The defrost timer then switches the heaters off and turns the compressor back on, allowing the unit to return to its normal cooling mode.

The defrost mechanism in a refrigerator heats the cooling element (evaporator coil) for a short period of time and melts the frost that has formed on it. The resulting water drains through a duct at the back of the unit. Defrosting is controlled by an electric or electronic timer: For every 6, 8, 10, 12 or 24 hours of compressor operation it turns on a defrost heater for 15 minutes to half an hour.

A defrost thermostat opens the heater circuit when the evaporator temperature rises above a preset temperature, 40°F (5°C) or more, thereby preventing excessive heating of the freezer compartment. The defrost timer is such that either the compressor or the defrost heater is on, but not both at the same time.

A timer is a specialized type of clock used for measuring specific time intervals. Timers can be categorized into two main types. A timer which counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch, while a device which counts down from a specified time interval is more usually called a timer. It is a control device that outputs a signal at a preset time after an input signal is received and then triggers another device or action.

Nor-Lake is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of quality refrigeration products. With its dedication to service and high-quality product line, Nor-Lake has earned one of the most respected names in the refrigeration industry.

General Commodity Codes:
HTS Category Code: 8208.30.00
UNSPC Category Code: 48100000
NAICS Code: 333241
Manufacturer Code: NOR

Dimensions & Details:
Width: 4.45 in (11.3 cm)
Height: 3.85 in (9.78 cm)
Length: 6.1 in (15.49 cm)
Unit of Measure: Each (EA)