APW1475050 2021-06-16




6423 USD

PROBE RTD 1000 K 0.19 DIA.S

APW WYOTT 1475050

A probe isĀ a small device, especially an electrode, used for measuring, testing, or obtaining information. Probes are commonly thin and oblong, and may be flexible. They contain outputs which send information to other components to control operations of equipment. There are many types of probes used in restaurant equipment for the measurement of temperature, humidity, liquid level, ice level, product or ingredient levels and other critical limits.

Resistance thermometers, also called resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), are sensors used to measure temperature. Many RTD elements consist of a length of fine wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core but other constructions are also used. The RTD wire is a pure material, typically platinum, nickel, or copper. The material has an accurate resistance/temperature relationship which is used to provide an indication of temperature. As RTD elements are fragile, they are often housed in protective probes.

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