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Genuine OEM Accutemp AT1E-2654-1

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Accutemp AT1E-2654-1


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This is the genuine Accutemp AT1E-2654-1 for exact fit and function.
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Control boards are responsible for temperature, timing, activation and actuation, and other operational functions of restaurant equipment and HVAC systems. They may also display information to the user, such as the current ambient temperature, the temperature of a walk-in cooler, or the time remaining on an oven's cooking cycle. Some control boards may also have diagnostic functions and alarms to alert the user to any problems with the equipment. These boards are critical in ensuring personal comfort or the proper operation and optimal performance of restaurant equipment, helping to ensure that food is cooked and stored safely and efficiently.

Sensors are used to perform a variety of detection functions for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, pressure, and other operating conditions such as voltage, amperage, viscosity, flow, motion, light, the level of liquids or product, vibration, force, speed, proximity and more.

AccuTemp has a long history of providing award-winning, technology-based equipment solutions for the food service industry. Whether a school, healthcare facility, chain restaurant, military operation or any other commercial foodservice operator, AccuTemp has a foodservice equipment solution.

General Commodity Codes:
HTS Category Code: 8208.30.00
UNSPC Category Code: 48100000
NAICS Code: 333241
Manufacturer Code: ACC

Dimensions & Details:
Width: 5.2 in (13.21 cm)
Height: 2.55 in (6.48 cm)
Length: 7.3 in (18.54 cm)
Unit of Measure: Each (EA)