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Genuine OEM Accutemp AT0M-3043-1

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Accutemp AT0M-3043-1


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A stud is a threaded rod is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends; the thread may extend along the complete length of the rod. They are designed to be used under tension. Threaded rods in bar stock form are often called "all-thread".

A terminal is an electrical connector acting as the reusable interface to a conductor and creating a point where external circuits can be connected. A terminal may simply be the end of a wire or it may be fitted with a connector or fastener. Most electrical connectors have a plug that connects to a socket. The connection may be removable, require a tool for assembly and removal, or serve as a permanent electrical joint between two points. An terminal adapter can be used to join dissimilar connectors.

AccuTemp has a long history of providing award-winning, technology-based equipment solutions for the food service industry. Whether a school, healthcare facility, chain restaurant, military operation or any other commercial foodservice operator, AccuTemp has a foodservice equipment solution.

General Commodity Codes:
HTS Category Code: 8208.30.00
UNSPC Category Code: 48100000
NAICS Code: 333241
Manufacturer Code: ACC

Dimensions & Details:
Width: 0.4 in (1.02 cm)
Height: 0.35 in (0.89 cm)
Length: 0.6 in (1.52 cm)
Unit of Measure: Each (EA)